RCI Points
Pennsylvania, United States
Standard  Rated Resort
RCI Points®
As the largest and most flexible Points-based vacation exchange program in the world, RCI Points membership offers so much more than a traditional weekly exchange system:
You decide where and when to travel and the size of your accommodations.
Use your vacation ownership your way, by saving your Points over multiple years, and even borrowing Points from future years.
In addition to exchanging for full weeks, you can also book short breaks ten months in advance of check-in, even if you only need to stay one night.
Through the RCI Points Partner program, members can also use a portion of their Points for discounts on products such as airfare, hotel stays, rental cars, and more.
As an RCI Points member, you also have the flexibility to use Points toward the purchase of thousands of cruise vacations - another great way to enjoy your vacation ownership with RCI.
Home resort is Vacation Village at Parkway in Kissimmee. 24,667 Points available for use!
File ID ABC0067 Price $1.00
Availability Available Exchange II
First Year Usage 2021 Level Red
Usage Type Annual Membership Points
Week 42 Points 24,667
Unit Number 14105 A/B Maintenance - NA -
Unit Type Two Bedroom Fee $355.00
Sleeps 8
Baths 2
Lockout Yes