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Mount Laurel at Split Rock
Enjoy four seasons of fun in the stunning western region of the Poconos at Split Rock Resort. You donít have to go very far to feel like youíre a world away. Situated on over 1,200 acres of forest and mountains, this resort is a beautiful escape. The famed indoor water park features attractions for all ages, like the Komodo Dragon Flow Rider and the Viper, Piranha & Amazon Blast Slides. Relax in the Lava Springs hot tubs or watch your little ones have a great time at the Jungle Falls & Leapiní Lizards play areas. $552 maintenance fee and membership begin 2017. Your week floats all year! Closing costs $350. Resort Transfer Fee $100.
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ID Number: 1190
File Number: 138
Resort: Mount Laurel at Split Rock
Rating: Standard
Week: 25
Beds: 1
Bathrooms: 1
WeekInfo: sleeps 4
Lockout: No
Exchange: RCI
Season: Yellow
Price: 1
State: PA
Location: $1 Sale